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Why you need flange guards?

Are you aware of flange guards? There many industries like chemicals and other sectors where in transportation of harmful chemicals and substances through pipes over long distances become necessary. Any spray out of these hazardous chemicals could lead to major industrial accidents. Before we understand why you need flange guards, let us understand what they actually are.



The pipes get particularly vulnerable at the joints. It is here that the possibility of accidental spray outs becomes very distinct. Thus safety against any such unwarranted incidents becomes most necessary and this is where flange guards can serve as a major solution. 


What are flange guards?


Flange guards are basically safety shields. They are primarily used in a variety of industries. The primary application of them is to prevention of chemical leakage from the pipe joints.


In most industries it has been seen that pipe joint failures could lead to many high profile industrial incidents around the world. Acid, oil and steam jet spray-outs have brought about many severe personal injuries, either directly or through consequent fires and explosions. Industry regulators have therefore recognized the importance of shielding pipe joints. This is where the flange guards prevent jet leaks or the formation of explosive mist. They offer the last line of defense.


Flange guards are available in variety of materials, size, colour. So you can select the one depending on your industrial need. Out of the various types of flange guards used which could be from single and multi layered. Some may also be provided with a leak indication patch to ensure quick detection.


Flange guards are usually UV stabilized and resistant to the sun, rain as well as fumes. These are quick and easy to install and can be used in both indoor as well as outdoor settings. Some flange guards give an indication of spray outs by changing its material shield colour. These flange guards are specially designed to prevent major accidents.


In conclusion we can clearly see that the role of flange guards is indeed critical in many industries. It can provide you with the right protection against any major accidents. In case you are looking for the best quality flange guards then you can avail them from Indana Steel.


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